We help healthcare companies

Connect & Exchange Data Securely

We help healthcare companies connect & exchange data securely.

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Kno2 Clinical Document Exchange

Our team architected and engineered software that simplifies and automates complicated, slow, and frustrating healthcare processes.

Kno2 Clinical Document Exchange

Idaho Health Data Exchange

Our team connects platforms faster, enabling interoperability and information exchange between healthcare systems.

Idaho Health Data Exchange

Aprima expands digital footprint with video, PPC campaigns

Our digital strategy integrated video and PPC to help the electronic health records company increase leads and brand awareness.

Aprima expands digital footprint with video, PPC campaigns

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Royal Jay’s competency and expertise for product design, development and deployment has allowed Kno2 to move very quickly while ensuring product stability and security.

Therasa Bell


Royal Jay’s work was extraordinary in several respects. First, it was innovative and elegant, including several cutting edge features. Second, the software has proven to be well-architected and stable, and has received good reviews both from users and from software developers who reviewed it as part of our recent financing round. Third, Royal Jay worked with integrity and with LeanLaw’s best interests in mind, the result of which is an exciting, creative and effective product. We would not be where we are without Royal Jay.

Gary Allen


When it comes to SEO work, Robbie Richards, Ryan Fish, and Royal Jay are among the best in the nation. In an industry full of pretenders, who do nothing but white label other’s solutions and hardly evolve to keep up with best practices, Robbie and his team are the REAL DEAL. From handling the technical aspects and designs of your website blog pages, reputation management of your business’s online presence, outreach efforts, and content creation, they are top notch. After only three months of working with Royal Jay, they completely re-launched the design of my blog, refined many technical aspects, and were able to increase organic traffic to my website over 20% from the prior year (making it the highest month of traffic in my blogs 4 year history no less). Their work is top quality. I give them my highest recommendation and recommend them with no reservations.

Aaron Minc


Introducing PERCH, A Managed Healthcare Cloud Platform

Introducing PERCH, A Managed Healthcare Cloud Platform

The healthcare landscape is rapidly shifting and healthcare technology executives are feeling the pressure. Implementing new strategies and technologies to accelerate their organizations’ digital transformation has become a fundamental imperative. Determining the most...

MACRA and the Quality Payment Program

MACRA and the Quality Payment Program

The healthcare industry is in a constant state of change. At Royal Jay we recognize it's not enough to be good at Programming, PPC, and Project Management. We understand that in order to serve our clients well, we must also be knowledgeable in healthcare public...