EHR Data Extraction

On premise eClinicalWorks Patient encounter data extraction
Kno2 Clinical Exchange Platform Project

A regional ambulatory health group uses the eClinicalWorks on premise EHR to manage clinical data for patients. The EHR lacks a defined set of interfaces for extracting data into population health systems. Our team built a three year and weekly extraction process using Azure’s Data Factory, using Integration Runtime inside of the site’s network. Patient encounter data can now be extracted directly from the on premise eCW database. The extraction service was setup to be scalable across multiple eCW sites.


  • Extract three years and weekly patient encounter data from on premise eCW instance, without a defined API.
  • Enhance the patient longitudinal record for attributed lives, sending the patient encounters back downstream for reporting.
  • Build a process that can be restarted, uninstalled, easily monitored and secure at scale in an Azure instance.


Royal Jay worked directly with a health network and a regional ambulatory group to define extraction queries for all aspects of a patient encounter, including medications, problem lists, allergies, vitals and lab results. Data is then extracted on premise to the Azure instances through a SSL secure channel. That patient encounter data is encrypted at rest using Azure’s SES and KeyValut for storing secrets related to client extraction.

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