We help healthcare companies

Securely Integrate Clinical & Financial Data

We help healthcare companies securely integrate clinical & financial data

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Kno2 Clinical Document Exchange

Episodes of Care

Performance Analytics

In healthcare, timing is everything. When it comes to managing costs and quality, having “real time” insights is imperative. By leveraging claims, clinical, ERP, and outcomes data, the Episode Performance Analytics solution provides performance teams with functionality to dissect data and identify clinical and financial variance across care settings.

Kno2 Clinical Document Exchange

Our team architected and engineered software that simplifies and automates complicated, slow, and frustrating healthcare processes.

Kno2 Clinical Document Exchange

EHR Data Extraction

On premise eClinicalWorks Patient encounter data extraction

Kno2 Clinical Document Exchange

Mountain Health CO-OP

Our team connects platforms faster, enabling interoperability and information exchange between healthcare systems.

Kno2 Clinical Document Exchange

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Royal Jay’s competency and expertise for product design, development and deployment has allowed Kno2 to move very quickly while ensuring product stability and security.

Therasa Bell


As a clinically and financially integrated network, we are highly dependent on data to drive decision making. Our ability to collect, aggregate, and make meaningful use of administrative and clinical information is critical to our operations and performance oversight activities. Royal Jay’s expertise in data integration and software engineering has helped St. Luke’s Health Partners navigate some of our most complex challenges in a secure, compliant, and reliable manner.

Matt Wolff


Royal Jay’s work was extraordinary in several respects. First, it was innovative and elegant, including several cutting edge features. Second, the software has proven to be well-architected and stable, and has received good reviews both from users and from software developers who reviewed it as part of our recent financing round. Third, Royal Jay worked with integrity and with LeanLaw’s best interests in mind, the result of which is an exciting, creative and effective product. We would not be where we are without Royal Jay.

Gary Allen


CMS Announces A New Rural Health Strategy

CMS Announces A New Rural Health Strategy

CMS has announced the launch of their first Rural Health Strategy aimed at reducing regulatory burden and improving access to care for rural patients. This strategy is part of a larger framework for CMS, to put patients first and address the deficiencies of care for...

Payment Reform for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Payment Reform for Skilled Nursing Facilities

A new case-mix classification system to reward value, not volume. The research community has been calling on CMS to modernize the payment model under the skilled nursing facilities prospective payment system (SNF PPS) for years; citing that the current system...