St. Luke's Health Partners

Identify Cost Drivers and Clinical Variance

St. Luke's Health Partners

Identify Cost Drivers and Clinical Variance
Kno2 Clinical Exchange Platform Project


St. Luke’s Health Partners, a clinically and financially integrated network, accountable for health outcomes and medical spend of 180,000+ patients, needed a single reporting platform to support complex activities across finance, administration, and care delivery.

Faced with millions of rows of data, coming from multiple systems and a short implementation runway, the teams had no time to go underground and build a complex model where no one would see results for two years.


  • Create a comprehensive data integration plan, ensuring the accuracy, completeness and security of enterprise information.
  • Build and deploy a platform capable of integrating disparate data from multiple sources into a centralized location
  • Implement predictive analytics powered by up-to-date and consistent data to boost performance, capture revenue, and reduce costs.
  • Distribute patient level details to network participants in a secure and compliant way without violating antitrust or HIPAA regulations.


Using Inflight Cloud, St. Luke’s Health Partners and Royal Jay deployed a robust patient-centered platform, creating a single, trustworthy longitudinal view of the patient. Leveraging the integrated capabilities of the Johns Hopkins ACG system, clinical and care management teams had immediate access to actionable insights needed to avoid unplanned hospitalizations, preventable ED visits, and avoidable readmissions. These capabilities coupled with customized performance dashboards allowed Administrators the ability to monitor performance across population health and episodic based models of care by TIN and NPI, giving St. Luke’s Health Partners ultimate flexibility in how information is contextualized, distributed and consumed across programs & participants.


As a clinically and financially integrated network, we are highly dependent on data to drive decision making. Our ability to collect, aggregate, and make meaningful use of administrative and clinical information is critical to our operations and performance oversight activities. Royal Jay’s expertise in data integration and software engineering has helped St. Luke’s Health Partners navigate some of our most complex challenges in a secure, compliant, and reliable manner.
Matt Wolff


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