Primary Health Medical Group

Inflight Cloud Unlocks the Potential of Primary Health's Data

Primary Health Medical Group

Inflight Cloud Unlocks the Potential of Primary Health's Data
Kno2 Clinical Exchange Platform Project


Primary Health Medical Group practice participating in downside risk arrangements lacked the technology needed to efficiently manage patients care and identify underlying cost & utilization drivers. The organization, like many others looking to procure technology, was faced with the dilemma of purchasing an Off-the-Shelf (OtS) product or bootstrapping a homegrown solution. The challenge was deciding between a lesser of two evils: (1) Invest in a product that solves only 80% of the needs, OR (2) run the risk of long delays and budget overruns often associated with customized solutions.


Needing a population health management solution relatively quickly and not wanting to purchase features that weren’t needed, PHMG partnered with Royal Jay to develop a “Customizable” Off-the Shelf solution using the Inflight Cloud platform as a foundation to springboard the development.

The Inflight team researched and used standardized, health care best practices to give us the data we need. The solutions they have provided us have made a significant positive impact on our organization.
Brian W.

Director Of Population Health, Primary Health Medical Group


Inflight Cloud’s framework, equipped with modern capabilities, made it possible for the organization to deploy a fully customized population health management data and analytics solution in a fraction of the time traditional enterprise data warehousing, visualization and reporting projects (e.g.,data platform, ingestion pipelines, transformation engines, identity management, visualization & reporting, predictive analytics, etc.)

In less than six months, the organization had an end-to-end solution for processing and managing data, plus other essential capabilities needed to effectively manage their patient population, to include:

  • Master patient indexing
  • Provider attribution
  • 360-degree patient profiling
  • Risk stratification
  • Risk adjustment
  • Suspect & recapture coding insights
  • Provider scorecards
  • Leakage & retention analytics
  • Care gap closure insights
  • Cost & utilization analytics


  • Our teams worked collaboratively to define concepts, purpose, and parameters to drive inclusion and exclusion of data elements for a shared understanding of performance insights.
  • We worked through common & complex challenges in the aggregation of claims data and medical concepts.
  • We proactively took steps to apply a consistent process to arrive at the right aggregation for the right purpose, ensuring scalability and flexibility for future needs.
  • Ultimately deployed a comprehensive data & analytics solution – including common clinical and shared claims data model, data connect workflows, and data enrichment mechanisms; all designed with the intent of taking disparate healthcare data and turning it into a business intelligence and decision-making capabilities for the organization.

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