Kno2 Clinical Exchange Platform

Exchanging patient records electronically
Kno2 Clinical Exchange Platform Project

Our team architected and engineered software that simplifies and automates complicated, slow, and frustrating healthcare processes.


  • Develop a healthcare messaging application to allow clinics to send and receive clinical documents with ease
  • Simplify complex clinical workflows
  • Improve transition of care scenarios by ensuring patient records can move with a patient securely
Envisioning new healthcare processes


Healthcare is currently plagued with lack of system interoperability. This creates tremendous problems in patient care as patient data is unable to move from system to system securely as a patient receives care in multiple healthcare facilities.

Collaborating with business stakeholders, we architected and designed a cross-platform application deployed and hosted in the cloud. Our team started by creating an innovative user experience while building a complex technical solution that would become a full document and clinical message exchange platform. Utilizing best in class development techniques and secure Azure cloud hosting, our team developed industry changing software that continues to expand and push the boundaries of healthcare.

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