Time billing software for the legal industry


Time billing software for the legal industry
Userfirst Project
LeanLaw Reduces Attorney Overhead by Simplifying Time, Billing, and Invoicing. By leveraging and customizing the Google Open API platform, our team of engineers developed a cloud-hosted software solution which would allow lawyers to spend less time tracking billable hours and more time providing legal services.


  • Reduce overhead and needless “tracking down” of billable hours
  • Integrate with Quickbooks to enable seamless invoicing integration
  • Create a digital footprint allowing attorneys to convert tasks, emails, meetings, and consultations into invoices


Rather than building productivity software from the ground up, our team innovated on the Google API platform to create a solution which leverages the very best of email and productivity software while adding necessary data tracking and analytics elements to provide value to lawyers.

Translating a day of various tasks, emails, meetings, and consultations into billable hours on an invoice was a time consuming chore prior to our software solution. Lawyers can now easily see a digital “footprint” of their entire day and turn those actions into billable invoice hours with drag-and-drop ease.

Royal Jay’s work was extraordinary in several respects. First, it was innovative and elegant, including several cutting edge features. Second, the software has proven to be well-architected and stable, and has received good reviews both from users and from software developers who reviewed it as part of our recent financing round. Third, Royal Jay worked with integrity and with LeanLaw’s best interests in mind, the result of which is an exciting, creative and effective product. We would not be where we are without Royal Jay.
Gary Allen

CEO, LeanLaw

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