“More wired, consumer-oriented and innovative than ever before, the $2.8 trillion US health care industry is undergoing profound transformation. A true consumer-driven market is slowly taking shape.” – PwC

The healthcare industry has experienced unprecedented change in recent years – new entrants into the marketplace, emerging technologies in the mobile and wearables space, shifting policy around ICD10, Meaningful Use and healthcare interoperability standards, just to name a few.

Every day, something new and exciting is making headlines.

As a company that builds custom software solutions for healthcare organizations, staying ahead of emerging technology and legislation is critical.

Twitter is great for real-time industry updates. But, with limited time, sifting through the vast amount of information can be difficult and time consuming.

We put together a shortlist of the top 50 health IT experts on Twitter, the creme of the crop.

These thought leaders discuss topics related to government policy, EHR/EMR, emerging health standards, technology, big data, mobile health, interoperability, patient safety, security, clinical analytics and a whole lot more. No fluff, just great content one tweet after another.

Below, there is a link to each Twitter profile, a short description and button to follow them. If you’re strapped for time, we put together a Twitter list with all 50 experts you can follow here.

Let’s jump in!

Brian Ahier Health IT expert#1. Brian Ahier
Followers: 31,400
Brian is a top 5 influencer in the health IT space. He regularly tweets about healthcare, technology and government.

Gienna Shaw health IT expert#2. Gienna Shaw
Followers: 7,900
Gienna is the editor in chief for FierceHealthcare and FierceHealthIT, sharing the latest health IT news.

John Lynn health IT expert #3. John Lynn
Followers: 34,000
John Lynn is the co-founder of HealthcareScene, a blog network containing over 7,000 articles that has been viewed over 13M times. His feed is one of the best resources for EHR, EMR and other health IT news.

Health IT expert#4. John Halamka
Followers: 14,800
John is the CIO at Harvard Medical School, supporting 3000 doctors, 18000 faculty and 3,000,000 patients. His insights are a must read! 

Tom Sullivan health IT expert#5. Tom Sullivan
Followers: 9,000
Tom is the editor-in-chief at HealthcareIT News. He writes the Innovation Pulse column, regularly covering topics related to mobile health, government policy and emerging technology.

Will Weider health IT expert6. Will Weider
Followers: 9,200
Will is the CIO at Ministry Health. He shares insights on many controversial health IT topics and blogs regularly at Candid CIO.

Erin McCann health IT expert
7. Erin McCann
Followers: 3,100
Erin is the managing editor for HealthcareIT News, and self-proclaimed news junkie. If you want the latest and greatest in health IT, follow her feed.

Steve Sisko health IT expert8. Steve Sisko
Followers: 8,600
Steve is a social media power user. He shares information across a broad range of health IT topics from social media best practice to government health tech policy.

Scott Mace health IT expert
9. Scott Mace
Followers: 3,700
Scott is the senior technology editor at Health Leaders and chairman at Cal Connect.

Charles Webster health IT expert10. Charles Webster
Followers: 6,600
Charles “Chuck” Webster is a HIMSS social media ambassador and advocate for improving health IT workflows. “Wareflo” is a must-follow!

Ken Congdon health IT expert11. Ken Congdon
Followers: 6,500
Ken is a B2B journalist covering the intersection of technology and medicine. He is the chief editor of Pharma Online and the popular HIT Outcomes blog.

Farzad Mostashari health IT expert12. Farzad Mostashari
Followers: 24,600
Farzad is a top social influencer in the health IT space. He is the founder of Aledade and former national coordinator for Health IT.

Health IT expert13. Health IT Consultant 
Followers: 15,200
If you want to be the first to hear about the latest and greatest in healthcare innovation, read the blog and follow this feed right now!

Neil Versel health IT expert14. Neil Versel
Followers: 6,900
Neil is a reporter for MedCity News, specializing in health IT, patient safety and quality of care. We’ve read a lot of Neil’s articles.

Susannah Fox health IT expert15. Susannah Fox
Followers: 24,400
Susannah is the CTO at the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services. She is regularly tweeting major changes in health tech and policy.

Mike Miliard health IT expert expert16. Mike Miliard
Followers: 2,600
Mike is the editor of HealthcareIT News and writes some of the best industry content you’ll find anywhere online. 

Johnathan Bush health IT expert17. Johnathan Bush
Followers: 8,800
Jonathan Bush is a pioneer in the world of Health IT. He is the co-founder and CEO of Athenahealth. You’ll often find John sharing his insights at major health IT conferences across the country.

Rasu Shrestha health IT expert18. Rasu Shrestha
Followers: 5,100
Rasu is a physician, informatician and chief innovation officer pushing hard for value-based intelligent healthcare.

William Nizzle health IT expert
19. William Nizzle
Followers: 114,000
William writes and reports on big data technology companies in the health IT, cyber security and government contractor industries.

Jennifer Dennard health IT expert20. Jennifer Dennard
Followers: 5,800
Jennifer is Digital Diva at HIStalk, a family of websites covering heatlhcare IT news, rumor, and opinion. She is the founder of HIT Chicks and writes daily updates at HIStalkPractice.com, which covers healthcare IT news for physician practices, clinics, and medical groups.

John Sharp health IT expert21. John Sharp
Followers: 8,000
John is the senior manager of consumer Health IT for HIMSS. He regularly tweets about topics related to mobile health, social media and clinical analytics.

Keith Boone health iT expert22. Keith Boone
Followers: 6,800
Affectionately know as the “Motorcycle Guy”, Keith Boone is the health standards guy for GE healthcare. His tweets cover a range of health IT topics.

Chris McLaughlin real estate expert23. Brad Justus
Followers: 9,600
Brad is the self-proclaimed “most connected health information management expert”. He is a HIMSS social media ambassador sharing the latest from the world of Health IT.

Karen DeSalvo health IT expert24. Karen DeSalvo
Followers: 6,800
Karen is the acting Assistant Secretary for Health US Department of Health and Human Services. She manages to be at just about every major health IT conference and regularly tweets about the latest health IT policy changes.

Brian Eastwood health IT expert25. Brian Eastwood
Followers: 5,200
Brian researches consumer heath for Chilmark HIT, providing refreshing commentary on some of healthcare’s trending topics.

David Chou health IT expert26. David Chou
Followers: 4,300
David is a top 100 social CIO who regularly tweets about health IT, mobile tech and social media.

Geeta Nayyar health IT expert27. Geeta Nayyar
Followers: 11,700
Geeta was named one of the “Top 26 smartest people in Health IT” by Becker’s Report and ranked one of the “Top 25 Minority Healthcare Executives” by Modern Healthcare. She is also a board certified practicing physician. A must follow!

Leonard Kish health IT expert28. Leonard Kish
Followers: 7,900
Leonard is Principal and Co-Founder at VivaPhi, an agency that solves multi-disciplinary business problems spanning data science, software, biomedical science, behavioral science, and health care. He also an author for the popular HL7 Standards blog.

Harry Greenspun health IT expert29. Harry Greenspun
Followers: 15,800
Harry is the Director at Deloitte Center for Health Solutions. His tweets cover everything from EHR adoption to government policy changes.

Mandi Bishop health IT expert30. Mandi Bishop
Followers: 11,900
Mandi is Dell’s Health Plan Analytics Innovation Practice Lead and HIMSS social media ambassador.

Laura Monroe real estate expert31. Sandeep Pulim
Followers: 4,000
Sandeep wears a lot of hats. He is the CMIO for At Point of Care, physician entrepreneur at Blueprint Health and partner at LiftOff Health. He has a lot to share.

Laura Monroe real estate expert32. Michael Planchart
Followers: 10,700
Michael is an expert cloud architect interoperability consultant. A bit of a mouthful, but “the EHR guy” really is a one-stop shop for everything EHR.

Daniel Sands health IT expert33. Daniel Sands
Followers: 9,900
Daniel is the co-founder of Participatory Medicine and CMO at Kinergy Health and Conversa Health. He tweets about everything health IT and business.

Linda Stotsky health IT expert34. Linda Stotsky
Followers: 12,600
Linda Stotsky is another social media power influencer. She is the business development director for North American Healthcare and HIMSS social media ambassador. There is a reason she goes go the “EMRanswers” Twitter handle. 

Steve Downs health IT expert35. Stephen Downs
Followers: 5,100
Steve is the Chief Technology & Information Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He tweets about Health IT change and philanthropy.

Janice McCallum health IT expert36. Janice McCallum
Followers: 10,200
Janice is a leading consultant and health data strategist writing and tweeting about a broad range of topics related to health IT.

John Chilmark health iT expert37. John Chilmark
Followers: 8,500
John is a healthcare IT analyst and founder of Chilmark Research.

Carol Flagg health IT expert38. Carol Flagg
Followers: 1,000
Carol is a partner at HITECH Answers sharing the latest in Health IT news.

Chad Johnson health IT expert39. Chad Johnson
Followers: 3,500
Chad is the editor at Health Standards and head of marketing at Carepoint Health.

Bernadette Keefe health IT expert40. Bernadette Keefe
Followers: 14,000
Bernadette is a leading healthcare social media consultant sharing insights from the world of health tech and digital strategy.

David Lee Scher health IT expert41. David Lee Scher
Followers: 7,500
David is a reputable cardiologist, digital health technology consultant and blogger. He is also a self-proclaimed saxophone virtuoso.

Judy Murphy health IT expert42. Judy Murphy
Followers: 2,300
Judy is a CNO at IBM. She is a nurse working to transform healthcare using technology; passionate about patient-centered care and eHealth.

Chad Johnson health IT expert43. Dave DeBronkart
Followers: 29,000
Dave is an international patient engagement advocate, speaker, blogger and author of Let Patients Help: A Patient Engagement Handbook.

David McNierney health IT expert44. David McNierney
Followers: 9,700
David is the Director at Medidata. His tweets shown a passion for better engaging patients through technology.

Colin Hung health IT expert45. Colin Hung
Followers: 7,300
Colin heads up marketing at PatientPoint by day, and moderates Healthcare Leadership by night.

Sherry Reynolds health IT expert46. Sherry Reynolds
Followers: 18,500
Sherry is an eHealth evangelist actively sharing the latest in healthcare news.

Bill Swavely health IT expert47. Bill Swavely
Followers: 3,200
Bill is a health tech thought leader, strategist and chief information officer for InfoBionic

Justin Barnes health IT expert48. Justin Barnes
Followers: 6,300
Justin is a resident entrepreneur at ATDC, one of the world’s top startup incubators helping entrepreneurs launch and build transformative technology companies. He is the Chair Emeritus for the HIMSS EHR Association, passionately tweeting about health innovation.

Chad Johnson health IT expert49. Joe Lavelle
Followers: 3,500
Joe is educating and instigating change at IntrepidNow. He tweets HIT, big data and social media best practice.

Therasa Bell health IT expert50. Therasa Bell
Followers: 1,800
Therasa Bell is the President and CTO of Kno2, a clinical document exchange platform connecting the underserved healthcare community. She has been interviewed on large industry publications and presented at the 2015 HIMSS Interoperability Showcase. 

There you have it – 50 health IT experts to follow on Twitter in 2015 (and beyond). Follow these accounts and you’ll never miss a beat when it comes the latest in health IT.
Check out the Twitter accounts and let us know in the comments below if there are any other experts that should be added to the list.