At Royal Jay, we work with a lot of patient records. We see the patient data challenges of today and the proposed solutions for tomorrow. Looking ahead 20 years using technologies of the future, here is what we see as the ideal Patient Record:

A patient should:
+ own their entire health record (visits, medications, allergies, diagnoses, treatments, care plans)
+ be able to locate, validate and audit all stored copies, at any time
+ store the record in/on their body (device, wearables, in junk DNA, biological nano-organism or microchip implant etc)

A health record should:
+ be a single, unlosable, immutable source, stored with the patient
+ be anonymized and provided to public registries and repositories for the greater good (The records have data patterns which have insights, answers)
+ contain ledger recorded, verifiable transactions

A Provider should:
+ have reasonable, patient approved, revocable, access to the record
+ “append only” to the record

Medical systems may:
+ locate, query, retrieve, store and exchange versioned copies of the record

If you could design the perfect Patient Record, what would it look like?