You’re an IT executive. You have important initiatives that your physicians and patients need. You need a technology vendor to deliver, but mainly they struggle to show you anything that works, and most of the time you don’t even know what they are doing.

Very frustrating.

Of course, you hope your next IT project won’t go like this. After all, you’ve done due diligence, reviewed their portfolio and paid attention to all the demos – and those powerpoints look nice.

What if I said you could eliminate these ridiculous failures?

What if, instead of wondering what your development team was working on next, you were able to help decide what they worked on next?

What if instead of never shipping your platform, you started shipping features one by one as they were completed?

The #1 Reason Projects Fail

I’m Jarod Ferguson, and I run Royal Jay, a top healthcare data and applications company helping healthcare executives deliver powerful technology solutions in their organizations.

… and I can tell you this: The BIG reason why projects fail is that they lack a reasonable process.

Note that I said *reasonable*.

A process usually comes in two forms.

The first requires 6 months of martial arts like training. Uses confusing vocabulary, and it’s crazy expensive. So overly complicated, that buy-in is nearly impossible. Process for process sake.

The second usually falls under the “agile” name. You know that name. The one with no requirements. No deadlines. Just a bunch of “coders” huddled in their work-from-home offices. Right?

You need a go-live date and people keep talking about “standing up.” What is that about?

So what can you do?

You Need A Proven Agile Process

People mistakenly think of agile as the aforementioned anti-process.

I assure you that is not the case.

At Royal Jay, we have taken the best from over 10 years of Agile Development Practices and distilled the experience into The Royal Jay process.

So what can you expect?

  • Quick delivery cycles and speed-to-market. We deliver. Fast. Our typical cycle time is two weeks. It may not be pretty, or perfect, but you’ll see exactly what we’ve been up to. Contrast with months upon months of waiting and disappointing “tada” moments.
  • Flexible design.  Because of the iterative nature of the process, we can deploy a product, assess, and refine the design and experience easier. This provides proof of concept (POC) opportunities without high-cost of rework.
  • Collaboration and communication.  Your expectation is that there’s collaboration between yourself and the project team. You would be right! Our process details the exact cadence of when we meet, and why. There is no guesswork around when you’ll expect an update.

Choosing the right software vendor is the single most important aspect of any outsourced project.

So make sure on your next project, you understand not just the “what” and “why” but HOW your project will be delivered. Push your vendors to show documented and proven capabilities to deliver success.

Or just hire Royal Jay. You can tell us about your project here.

Royal Jay is a healthcare technology company with over ten years of Agile Development Practices. Our team(s) have proven experience with delivering high-quality results, on time, and in budget. Our process addresses these challenges head on.