The healthcare industry is in a constant state of change. At Royal Jay we recognize it’s not enough to be good at Programming, PPC, and Project Management. We understand that in order to serve our clients well, we must also be knowledgeable in healthcare public administration and policy. To ensure continued growth and learning, we hold regularly scheduled lunch & learns where we discuss new rules and regulations that impact the industry we serve. Recently we conducted a refresher training on the Medicaid Access and Chip Reauthorization Act (MACRA) where we conducted a deep dive into the Quality Payment Program (QPP) to explore the Merit-based Incentive Program System (MIPS) and Advanced Alternative Pay Models (AAPM).

What is MACRA Anyway?

MACRA is a piece of legislation intended to improve quality and outcomes for Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP programs. MACRA was enacted in 2015 and specifically introduced the Quality Payment Program (QPP). QPP intended to streamline Medicare Part B reimbursement models into 2 tracks; MIPS and AAPM. Understanding QPP and how it is intended to work is critical for those working in the healthcare technology space as it leverages the good works done through the Meaningful Use (MU) program, Value Modifier (VM), and Patient Quality Reporting System (PQRS) programs.