The healthcare landscape is rapidly shifting and healthcare technology executives are feeling the pressure. Implementing new strategies and technologies to accelerate their organizations’ digital transformation has become a fundamental imperative. Determining the most appropriate and cost-efficient solution is their top priority. As a result, healthcare technology executives often find themselves trapped in a “build vs buy” scenario.

Both approaches present significant trade offs. On one hand, complete products demo well but solutions often are antiquated, don’t integrate, silo data, duplicate efforts and generally need customization anyway. On the other building from scratch presents risks of failure, budget overruns, ongoing support burdens and maintenance costs.

A Hybrid Solution

What if there was a hybrid solution in the middle? A modern, extensible product that allowed rapid module development, full ownership of data, easy integration and was backed 100% by a proven, security focused, reliable team?

Well, now there is. I am pleased to announce Perch. A modular cloud based managed platform by Royal Jay.