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Royal Jay is located in Boise, Idaho, an up-and-coming safe city with a low cost of living ideal for families, outdoor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Boise is a regular on Top 10 lists (go ahead, Google it), and we love it here.

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Benefits & Perks

Competitive salary

100% premium-paid medical

Bonus opportunities

Flexible vacation policy

Retirement plan

Modern workstation

Endless snacks and beverages

Regular catered lunches

Team and family events

Comfortable work environment

Current Openings

Software Developer

As a Software Developer at Royal Jay you are focused on delivery valuable customer features to clients at the end of each sprint. Developers at Royal Jay interact with customers on a regular basis not only for delivery of work but to help brainstorm on best approaches to solving business problems. This position is focused on a full stack developer, one who can build a feature in JS and hook those features back through the API, message bus and data store. We are looking for developers who enjoy learning and teaching.

Technical Experience

  • Angular – You eat and sleep Angular 1.x as well as Modern angular. Components and testing angular applications are second nature for you.
  • Javascript – Strong understanding of modern JS frameworks and ECMAscript. Ability to develop applications in Typescript using modern tools like webpack and Node.js.
  • ASP.NET MVC Web API (C#) – An understanding of how to build RESTful interfaces, versioning, and deployment into Azure. Securing endpoints through Authorization and managing resource access through OAUTH. Experience building workflows around changes to resources in the API.
  • Security – Basic understanding of encryption on the .NET platform. Symmetric vs Asymmetric, securing endpoints via certificate. Role-based authorization to systems. How the identity system works in.NET (IPrinicipal, Claims, etc). HIPPA or PCI understanding.
  • SQL – Basic DML and DDL script writing. Able to create tables, indexes, foreign keys, stored procedures. Ability to use SQL profiling tools to understand queries being generated from an ORM.
  • Modeling – ORM knowledge either Entity Framework or NHibernate. How to map a logical model back to SQL tables where the mapping is not one to one. Understanding of component mappings, bidirectional associations, non mapped fields, etc. Basic understanding of domain modeling concepts such as Bounded Context, Value Objects, Aggregates, and Domain Events.
  • Messaging – Practical knowledge of message-based systems (Mass Transit, NServiceBus, Azure Service Bus, etc). Understand the pros and cons of using a distributed messaging system. Reliability in terms of at most once, at least once and exactly once.
  • Git Source Control – Understand Git from the command line, including branching, forks, merging, pull requests, stash, etc. Practical understanding of automated deployments, feature flagging, continuous delivery etc.

Nice to have

  • Medical Document Formats – Basic understanding of HL7 medical document formats including HL7v2, v3, CDA Architecture, FHIR, and RIM. Understanding of the challenges resulting in message sharing (interoperability) across medical organizations.
  • Healthcare Landscape – Basic understanding of the Healthcare IT landscape in terms of Meaningful Use, MIPS/MACRA, CMS data, value-based care, PHI, and HIPPA.
  • Azure Experience – Managing users with Azure Active Directory and resource management through resource groups. Work with any of the Azure services such as Azure Functions, CosmoDB, and Virtual Machines. Experience automating Azure with resource templates, Powershell or Azure Command Line. Automating tasks through TeamCity and Octo Deploy.
  • Multitenancy – How to build web applications used by multiple organizations. Understand different strategies for logical and physical separation of the organization data and user access at the organization, group, role and permission level.
  • SQL – Knowledge of CTE queries, bulk inserts, migrations, backups in both standalone SQL server and Azure SQL, CAP.
  • Command Query – Understanding of pros and cons around separating commands and query systems. How an eventually consistent experience may impact users or performance.

Developer in Test

Do you like to break things? Can you design complete solutions to solve complex problems? If so the Developer in Test position may be for you. We are looking for someone to join an agile team and be responsible for architecting test frameworks used by the team to test features/product that your team develops. You will execute manual and automated tests to ensure Royal Jay and our clients’ products maintain a high level of quality.

You will participate in all phases of the software development lifecycle, helping our team design, implement and deploy quality software and features. You will be working in an agile environment with our team to create automated testing frameworks, and automating tests. Your role is crucial in maintaining a fast pace of development and high product quality.


  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Highly experienced with Selenium, TestCafe or other browser automation framework is a must
  • Object-Oriented programming (C#, Javascript and Typescript are preferred)
  • Great communication skills to be able to interact with clients directly

Desired skills and experiences

  • RESTful web services
  • SQL/Database experience


  • Work with engineering team to define and review test plans
  • Design test plans and cases to test conformance to business and technical specifications
  • Utilize QA management and testing tools (including automated testing tools)
  • Create and maintain test data and environment required for executing test plans and cases
  • Test and optimize code as needed
  • Collaborate with team members to promote learning and best practices
  • Participate in software development processes (Agile, etc.) and provide process improvements
  • Influence technical direction by staying on top of current software development trends

Digital Marketing Specialist

As a digital marketing specialist at Royal Jay, you are focused on helping clients across a range of industries get more online visibility, traffic, leads and sales. You can go big with strategy, funnel development and content creation, but still know enough about analytics and SEO to be dangerous. Do you have a passion for building high-converting sales funnels? Does your copy make people take action? Are you fond of the big picture? You could be our next digital marketing specialist.

Responsibilities (Your Mission):

  • Build paid marketing funnels for clients across search and social channels.
  • Write creative copy for client landing pages, PPC ads and blog content.
  • Strategize and execute SEO/PPC campaigns for multiple clients.
  • Research keywords, consult with our clients on keyword research, content and SEO strategy.
  • Build out relevant audience personas and profiles.
  • Perform keyword research and build content calendars for clients.
  • Write and rank content around unfamiliar topics and target markets.
  • Write about marketing tactics, strategies and case studies for our blog readers.

What We Must Have (No, Really):

  • 3+ years experience with SEO, content, and funnel marketing.
  • Proven experience building marketing funnels with a positive ROI.
  • Ability to write creative copy for blogs, ads, and landing pages.
  • Ability to identify new keyword opportunities and map content topics.
  • Ability to work independently or with a team. Bet you’ve never heard that one before.
  • When questions or challenges present themselves, you don’t sweat it for a second; you’re extremely comfortable interfacing with clients.
  • Experience creating SEO and content strategies that drive results.
  • A well-rounded T-shaped marketer, with depth in content and funnels.
  • Ability to measure performance (changes to rankings, traffic, conversions) and make decisions based on that data is killer. Your clients love you for it.
  • Lifelong Learner: The world’s a changing. A desire to expand knowledge is critical.

Brownie Points:

  • Got your own blog? We’d love to see it.
  • Agency experience.
  • Examples of sales funnels you’ve built (good and bad)
  • DEEEEEP Google Analytics, Search Console and GTM experience.


Why work with us?

Great products inspire people.

Technology should be fun, easy to use, and change the way we interact and do business. We create engaging experiences beyond the obvious.

Pride of work matters.

Our work is our art. It is a reflection of our passion and drive to build solutions that resonate with our customers.

We love what we do.

From the early days of taking apart our toys to late nights racing deadlines, our raw instinct calls us to invent and discover.

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