OneLine Health

Automate documentation. Reduce burden. Improve experience.

OneLine Health

Automate documentation. Reduce burden. Improve experience.
Kno2 Clinical Exchange Platform Project


Recognizing that too much time is spent on documentation, and not enough time face to face with their patients, founders of OneLine Health wanted to eliminate unnecessary manual steps of the patient intake and charting processes through the use of modern technology and automation.

The team had a vision of what the solution could look like, and an opportunity to pilot the product at a large health system, but lacked the software engineering expertise needed to create a HIPAA compliant, web-based application capable of integration with Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRS).


Over 4 weeks, OneLine Health and Royal Jay worked together to design and develop a prototype that could demonstrate user experience and integration capabilities to investors and potential partners.


With a short runway, the team got to work conducting Discovery worksessions to understand the problem, opportunity and vision for the product. We iterated continuously on the design over the four week period, quickly delivering the solution for review and feedback. In parallel, the lead engineer architected an end-to-end solution, bringing together existing infrastructure and new technology. To close out the project our teams conducted planning to provide accurate estimates on budget, timeline and resources needed to deliver a working product.

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