Hansen Signs

Progressing on the path to a more organized client centric operation.

Hansen Signs

Progressing on the path to a more organized client centric operation.
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Founded in 1979, Hansen Signs is now one of the largest sign companies in Eastern Canada. Their services include design, fabrication, installation and maintenance all across Canada. With multiple technology applications in use across various departments, the organization was spending too much time on data entry and not enough time on activities to grow and improve the business. This created significant limitations on the growth of their business and in attracting top talent.


CEO, Nick Hansen, partnered with Royal Jay to connect existing technologies, including Salesforce and the company’s ERP solution. The goal… automate the handoff between departments, eliminate unnecessary manual steps, and increase transparency into projects across the teams.


We kicked things off with several Discovery work sessions. The intent of those discussions aimed at learning about the existing infrastructure, supporting workflows and challenges for users. We worked diligent to breaking down the required scope of work, then collaborated together remotely to determine all of the needs to meet the required solution. After Discovery, our teams got to work creating a solution to integrate the two systems.


Royal Jay was able to connect the technology through asynchronous integration, ensuring that when a change occurred in the source system, it was automatically populated in the target system. All of this done without entry from Hansen staff. With this solution in place, teams have the insight needed, real time, to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively; freeing up capacity to focus on growth activities.

They now have a reliable source that can be accessed from a jobsite, home or any remote location where they can pull up client information, history of all projects as well as all of the associated files and artwork from one application. This has strengthened their ability to serve their clients and eliminate rework. By doing this it has increased the capacity of throughput and multitasking of projects. Since this integration they have confidently scaled the sales process and given their staff the tools they need to grow their client base.

Once underway communication was consistent and on point using their 2 week sprint methodology. We always knew what was the next step in the process and what was needed from us and what was expected in each chunk of work that was underway.

As with many projects we had some unforeseen circumstances and feel as though Royal Jay was fair and worked with us to maintain an amicable approach to cost, quality, and timeline.

We are very happy to say that at the time of completion we had a solution that exceeded our initial expectations and has really moved us forward in the continuous growth of our operations and sales processes.

Our estimation is that this integration has saved each of our sales staff 2-3 hours per day resulting in significant increases in throughput enabling increased revenue, customer experience, accuracy, and key employee retention.

Nick Hansen

CEO, Hansen Signs Ltd.

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