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Better communication across all devices and organizations

The need for greater security, speed and compatibility is changing the way organizations share patient health information. Existing partners are updating systems and adopting new technologies that may not be compatible with yours.

Don’t get disconnected.  Exchange information in formats compatible across all systems and devices in your network.


Do more with less

Is your organization using multiple applications with overlapping functionality? Upgraded to a new system but can’t seem to transition your process and data from the old one?

Stop paying for what you don’t need. Bring it all together so your organization can do more with less, safely and securely.


Secure from start to finish

In a connected world patients expect to have access to everything, anywhere on practically any device. This makes securing personal health information a top priority for providers, patients and your organization.

From HIPAA to complex data encryption, we’ll make sure your data travels securely between any device, across all care environments.


Real-time analytics driving bottom-line decision making

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Start using real-time data to inform decisions and predict patient outcomes. Access data from multiple sources and gain insight into patient care, operations and revenue cycling from a single analytics dashboard.


Make things work just the way you like it

You’ve developed a unique way of getting things done. But, an evolving industry has you facing the difficult decision to upgrade your technology.

Don’t let it set you back. Whether it’s integrating with key partners, adding functionality to existing technology or building your process on top of new systems, our team will keep you moving forward.

Case Study: Kno2

The Kno2 clinical document exchange platform transforms healthcare workflows, brings interoperability to underserved markets

Royal Jay’s competency and expertise for product design, development and deployment has allowed Kno2 to move very quickly while ensuring product stability and security.

Therasa Bell

President & CTO, Kno2

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