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Digital Marketer

Deep Dive Audit and Analysis

Getting a clearer picture

Our unique ability to understand and immerse itself in a client’s business challenges allows us to consistently deliver digital marketing campaigns that exceed expectation. That’s why our team takes a in-depth look into what will be the most powerful areas to focus on, as well as finding out what needs improvement. We tackle technical audits, competitor analysis, keyword and topical research, finding the tools that will give you the advantage.


Smart optimization

SEO is no longer about stuffing keywords on a page. Google’s algorithm now consists of over 200 ranking factors, each one’s weight shifting every day. For that reason, our process remains dynamic and all-encompassing. We don’t view SEO in silo tasks. Looking at the overview of our capabilities, you’ll realize how much value we provide in our services. Content creation, link building, and content promotion are all included in our integrated approach, because they are required to have success.


With every click

The internet is a big place, and we know the larger the reach, the better your results will be. We provide our expert skills and management techniques to successfully execute your pay per click advertising with great success. Our goal is to convert your visitors to paid visitors, and in the end, returning customers.

Video Marketing

A Million Words?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? It’s difficult to make an emotional connection with your audience through text and images alone. This connection is easily created through video. We seek to touch, move and inspire your audience! By doing so, we increase conversions, transforming your traffic into customers.

Case Study: SnapApp

Audit identified weaknesses, opportunities and provides a roadmap for ongoing content strategy

When it comes to SEO work, Robbie Richards, Ryan Fish, and Royal Jay are among the best in the nation. In an industry full of pretenders, who do nothing but white label other’s solutions and hardly evolve to keep up with best practices, Robbie and his team are the REAL DEAL. From handling the technical aspects and designs of your website blog pages, reputation management of your business’s online presence, outreach efforts, and content creation, they are top notch. After only three months of working with Royal Jay, they completely re-launched the design of my blog, refined many technical aspects, and were able to increase organic traffic to my website over 20% from the prior year (making it the highest month of traffic in my blogs 4 year history no less). Their work is top quality. I give them my highest recommendation and recommend them with no reservations.

Aaron Minc


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