Building custom software that is relevant to your current needs yet scalable to support your future goals.

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UX/UI Design

Sharp visuals, intuitive flow

Crafting begins with the user, and planning how to create the experiences that are positive is our focus. Our team builds these intuitive flows from the ground up, knowing that first impressions mean everything.

That’s why we believe in delivering high fidelity experiences through clean and conceptual design techniques. As our team tackles your project, be assured that the end product will be high quality, unique, and customized to your vision.

Web and Mobile

The best of both worlds

We understand that creating a well designed application needs to reach beyond the desktop, and needs to be accessible whenever, wherever. In order to remain competitive, products and services must be adaptable and easily integrated. Our team plans for cross-platform development, reliable data syncing, and custom API's to maximize and sustain the life of your product, regardless where and how it's used.

Database and Analytics

The data matters

Our Team understands the role that data plays in driving business solutions and effective change. We also know that you can't manage what you can't measure. That is why we focus on developing solutions that provide useful data, customized for your business, in a format that makes sense. Consistent and accurate analytics ensure your product is constantly improving and connecting with your customers needs efficiently and effectively.

System Architecture

A solid foundation to build on

Having a solution that can scale in parallel to the growth of your company is paramount. Whether you have on premise infrastructure setup or want to tap into the many benefits of cloud computing, we can do it all. We offer secure, expert, solutions and advice, to help make your vision a reality.

Case Study: Kno2

The Kno2 clinical document exchange platform transforms healthcare workflows, brings interoperability to underserved markets

Royal Jay’s competency and expertise for product design, development and deployment has allowed Kno2 to move very quickly while ensuring product stability and security.

Therasa Bell

President & CTO, Kno2

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